Masterclass Psychiatry Special Edition 2020 complete with Aurora Borealis

…and what an event it has been. For this special arctic winter workshop, we were delighted and honoured to host some of the world’s most eminent psychotherapists from the UK, Germany and Switzerland to talk us through how to communicate effectively and empathically in difficult clinical situations.

Challenges covered included talking about eating disorders, handling impulsivity and debriefing effectively after trauma. There was a special focus on developing confidence when dealing with antisocial and narcissistic personality disorders.  Such skills are very much after-sought, but rarely taught during specialist training. 

To ensure an optimal learning environment and hands-on practice with our amazing actress, especially flown in from Germany, we only allowed a limited number of participants. As usual, out masterclass took place in our unique arctic environment in Luleå. But this time, we ventured out from the city into the archipelago with walks on the frozen Baltic sea, campfires and a spectacular display of the Northern lights. 

You can find some more pictures and the archived details of Masterclass Psychiatry Special Edition 2020 in the History section.

We will be back in May 2022 with a special arctic summer workshop. Same concept, different season and great outdoors in perpetual daylight.