Norrbotten County Council, now Region Norrbotten, created  the Masterclass Psychiatry program in cooperation with the Maudsley Hospital / Institute of Psychiatry / Kings College London in 2013.

The programme is in its seventh year and has delivered five masterclasses so far.

Program Director is Ursula Werneke, consultant psychiatrist (överläkare) at Sunderby Hospital and associate professor (docent) at Umeå University. Ursula received her specialist training in psychiatry at the Maudsley Hospital in London and is a fellow of Royal College of Psychiatrists in Britain.

The goal of the Masterclass Psychiatry Program is to convey practical knowledge and clinical skills by world-leading international experts, for difficult-to-understand but common therapeutic dilemmas in patients with serious mental health problems.

Lectures are given by world-leading international experts in English, and then put in the context of Nordic conditions by Scandinavian experts.

All master classes have been LIPUS certified, EAPM 2016 and Masterclass Psychiatry 2018 was also EACCME certified and hence the only psychiatric conferences in Sweden certified for Europe, Canada and the United States.

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