The conference venue, Clarion Hotel Sense, is located in the city centre of Luleå within walking distance of all the recommended and pre-booked hotels.

DAY 1 Thursday

SESSION 1: Thursday morning: 9.00 – 12.00: Telling madness from normality

Chair: Anders Berntsson, Stockholm/Luleå

08.00 09.00 Registration and coffee
09.00 09.10 Welcome
Ursula Werneke, Luleå
09.10 09.40 Mental illness – calling it for what it is
Dinesh Bhugra, London
09.40 10.10 Delusion, possession and religion
Antonio Ventriglio, Foggia
10.10 10.40 Coffee
10.40 11.10 Eating disorders and body image – a transcultural perspective
Julian Stern, London
11.10 11.40 Outbreak investigation: From folie a deux to mass hysteria
Dinesh Bhugra, London
11.40 12.10 Case presentation: A patient presenting with depression, pain and PTSD
Sofie Bäärnhielm, Stockholm
12.10 12.15 Discussion
12.15 13.15 Lunch

SESSION 2: Thursday afternoon: 13.00-17.15: Treating the brain and healing the mind

Chair: Anders Berntsson, Stockholm/Luleå

13.15 13.45 In my country, I cry this way. Culture- bound symptoms of distress and psychotherapy
Jessica Yakeley, London
13.45 14.55 Ethnopharmacology – Factors affecting drug response
David Taylor, London
14.55 15.00 Discussion
15.00 15.30 Coffee
15.30 16.00 Placebo and cultural responses
Antonio Ventriglio, Italy, Foggia
15.50 16.15 Bring your case
Short break
16.20 17.20 MAP talks: ”Looking beyond”

Rethinking psychiatry
Dinesh Bhugra, London
Discovering transcultural neuroscience
Kamaldeep Bhui, London
Pharmacological crosstalk: Reducing the stigma of depot
Sitaram Velaga, Luleå / David Taylor, London / Ursula Werneke, Luleå

19.30 Dinner

DAY 2 Friday

SESSION 3: Friday morning: 9.00 – 12.00: Meeting transcultural challenges with confidence

Chair: Anders Berntsson, Stockholm/Luleå

08.30 08.35 Introduction
08.35 09.10 Assessment for psychotherapy: where do culture,
language and social background fit in?
Julian Stern, London
09.10 09.40 Sexuality and mental health – a transcultural perspective
Dinesh Bhugra, London
09.40 10.10 Coffee
10.10 10.45 Pathways to terrorism: the role of extremism, religion and mental health
Kamaldeep Bhui, London
10.45 11.15 “I have no life if they deport me”. The encounter between
mental health services and an asylum-seeking woman
who has made a suicide attempt
Maria Sundvall, Stockholm
11.15 11.45 Bring your case
11.45 12.00 Close and Masterclass 2019 announcement
Ursula Werneke, Luleå
12.00 Lunch

Final programme may be subject to change.