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Swedish learning objectives for doctors in training  (SOSFS 2015:8 and HSLF – FS 2021:8)

Specialty SOSFS 2015:8 HSLF – FS 2021:8
All a2, b1 STa4, STb1
Psychiatry (Psykiatri) c1, c2, c3, c8, c9 STc1, STc2, STc3, STc8,STc9
Child & adolescent psychiatry (Barn och ungdomspsykiatri) c4, c6, c10 STc4, STc6, STc10
Forensic psychiaty (Rättspsykiatri) c1, c3, c4, c5, c8 STc1, STc3, STc4, STc5,STc8,
Allmänmedicin c1*, c3, c5*, c10*, c13* STc1*, STc3, STc5*, STc10*,STc13*

*no course requirement